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I choose the Light

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End Pedophile Industrial Complex


Our Mandate: (1) To bring to trial those persons and institutions responsible for the exploitation, torture and murder of children, past and present, and (2) To stop these and other criminal actions by church and state. For information and details on his specific venues, contact Rev. Annett athiddenfromhistory1@gmail.com, or ph: 386-323-5774 in the USA


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Japanese Surrender 1945

Japanese Surrender 

This film is believed to have never been seen before, only shots of the
surrender were known.* * General McArthur’s voice is a rarity in these old
film clips.* *Japanese Surrender- Amazing Footage.* *This is a ‘must see’
for the WWII history buff or anyone interested in history.* *This is an
actual film made of the surrender ceremony of the Japanese to MacArthur in
Tokyo Bay in September 1945.* *Actual voice of the General. Never been
shown to the general public before.* *We always saw the “stills” but never
the film itself


I know war as few other men now living know it, and nothing is more revolting.  I have long advocated its complete abolition, as its very destructiveness on both friend and foe has rendered it useless as a method of settling internatinal disputes.” ~ Gen. Douglas MacArthur



Actual Scans from Surrender Photo 


MacArthur’s signature appears on the signed surrender photograph over his pants leg. MacArthur is shown standing to the left of the microphone. A medium tipped fluid black ink pen was used.

MacArthur was born on January 26, 1880 near Little Rock, Arkansas. MacArthur, like his father, was a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Before his career was complete, he had become the most decorated man in the history of the Armed Forces of the United States.

He was commissioned as an Officer in the United States Army on the plains of the West Point Military Academy in 1903. The Academy’s Motto “Duty, Honor, Country” guided his distinguished military career. During his military service, he commanded a division in World War I; was Superintendent of the Military Academy; became Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces; Military Advisor to the Commonwealth of the Philippines; Army Commander of the Far East; Commander of Allied Forces in the Southwest Pacific; and Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers near the end of World War II.

Before the Japanese were invited to sign the Instrument of Surrender, MacArthur gave a brief address in which he remarked:

“We are gathered here, representatives of the major warring powers — to conclude a solemn agreement whereby peace may be restored. The issues involving divergent ideals and ideologies, have been determined on the battlefields of the world and hence are not for our discussion or debate. Nor is it for us here to meet, representing as we do a majority of the people of the earth, in a spirit of distrust, malice or hatred. But rather it is for us, both victors and vanquished, to rise to that higher dignity which alone befits the sacred purposes we are about to serve, committing all our people unreservedly to faithful compliance with the obligation they are here formally to assume.

It is my earnest hope and indeed the hope and indeed the hope of all mankind that from this solemn occasion a better world shall emerge out of the blood and carnage of the past — a world founded upon faith and understanding — a world dedicated to the dignity of man and the fulfillment of his most cherished wish — for freedom, tolerance and justice.

The terms and conditions upon which the surrender of the Japanese Imperial Forces is here to be given and accepted are contained in the Instrument of Surrender now before you.”

“As Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, I announce it my firm purpose, in the tradition of the countries I represent, to proceed in the discharge of my responsibilities with justice and tolerance, while taking all necessary dispositions to insure that the terms of surrender are fully, promptly and faithfully complied with.”

After the two official Japanese representatives, Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu and General Yoshijiro Umezu, signed both copies of the Instrument of Surrender. MacArthur signed as Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers.
Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz as the U. S. Representative signed. General Hsu Yung-Ch’ang signed for the Republic of China, Admiral Sir Bruce A. Fraser for the United Kingdom, Lt. General Kuzma Derevyanko for the Soviet Union, General Sir Thomas Blamey for the Commonwealth of Australia, Colonel L. Moore Cosgrave for Canada, General Jacques Le Clerc for the Provisional Government of the French Republic, Admiral C. E. L. Helfrich for the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Air Vice Marshal Leonard M. Isitt for the Dominion of New Zealand.

After all the representative had finished signing, MacArthur stated:

“Let us pray that peace be now restored to the world and that God will preserve it always. These proceedings are closed”

After the ceremony was completed, MacArthur broadcasted the following message to the American people:

“Today the guns are silent. A great tragedy has ended. A great victory has been won. The skies no longer rain death — the seas bear only commerce men everywhere walk upright in the sunlight. The entire world is quietly at peace. The holy mission has been completed. And in reporting this to you, the people, I speak for the thousands of silent lips, forever stilled among the jungles and the beaches and in the deep waters of the Pacific which marked the way. I speak for the unnamed brave millions homeward bound to take up the challenge of that future which they did so much to salvage from the brink of disaster.

As I look back on the long, tortuous trail from those grim days of Bataan and Corregidor, when an entire world lived in fear, when democracy was on the defensive everywhere, when modern civilization trembled in the balance, I tank a merciful God that He has given us the faith, the courage and the power from which to mold victory. We have known the bitterness of defeat and the exultation of triumph, and from both we have learned there can be no turning back. We must go forward to preserve in peace what we won in war.

A new era is upon us. Even the lesson of victory itself brings with it profound concern, both for our future security and the survival of civilization. The destructiveness of the war potential, through progressive advances in scientific discovery, has in fact now reached a point which revises the traditional concepts of war.

Men since the beginning of time have sought peace. Various methods through the ages have attempted to devise an international process to prevent or settle disputes between nations. From the very start workable methods were found insofar as individual citizens were concerned, but the mechanics of an instrumentality of larger international scope have never been successful. Military alliances, balances of power, leagues of nations, all in turn failed, leaving the only path to be by way of the crucible of war. We have had our last chance. If we do not now devise some greater and more equitable system, Armageddon will be at our door. The problem basically is theological and involves a spiritual recrudescence and improvement of human character that will synchronize with our almost matchless advances in science, art, literature and all material and cultural developments of the past two thousand years, It must be of the spirit if we are to save the flesh.

We stand in Tokyo today reminiscent of our countryman, Commodore Perry, ninety-two years ago. His purpose was to bring to Japan an era of enlightenment and progress, by lifting the veil of isolation to the friendship, trade, and commerce of the world. But alas the knowledge thereby gained of western science was forged into an instrument of oppression and human enslavement. Freedom of expression, freedom of action, even freedom of thought were denied through appeal to superstition, and through the application of force. We are committed by the Potsdam Declaration of principles to see that the Japanese people are liberated from this condition of slavery. It is my purpose to implement this commitment just as rapidly as the armed forces are demobilized and other essential steps taken to neutralize the war potential.

The energy of the Japanese race, if properly directed, will enable expansion vertically rather than horizontally. If the talents of the race are turned into constructive channels, the county can lift itself from its present deplorable state into a position of dignity.

To the Pacific basin has come the vista of a new emancipated world. Today, freedom is on the offensive, democracy is on the march. Today, in Asia as well as in Europe, unshackled peoples are tasting the full sweetness of liberty, the relief from fear.

In the Philippines, America has evolved a model for this new free world of Asia. In the Philippines, America has demonstrated that peoples of the East and peoples of the West may walk side by side in mutual respect and with mutual benefit. The history of our sovereignty there has now the full confidence of the East.

And so, my fellow countrymen, today I report to you that your sons and daughters have served you well and faithfully with the calm, deliberated determined fighting spirit of the American soldier, based upon a tradition of historical truth as against the fanaticism of an enemy supported only by mythological fiction. Their spiritual strength and power has brought us through to victory. They are homeward bound — take care of them.”



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Howard we luv ya


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Howard was  on the Bo and Rocko Show on

http://freedomslips.com/             347-688-2902

Thanks to BoKnowsEntertainment for posting these videos

The Cesti Que Trust – Howard Griswold

Cancelling the Contract(s) – Howard Griswold


False Healing


Using The Constitution In Court




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Federal Reserve dissolved by Act of Congress, or forfeiture of franchise for violation of law


Children Deaths Surrounding 43 Trillion Law Suit – Where Did The Gold Go?

The Federal Reserve Cartel which is an  Act  that can be  dissolved by Act of Congress, or until forfeiture of franchise for violation of law http://www.eustacemullins.us/tag/ezra-pound/ https://archive.org/details/EustaceMullins-Mp3Archives1923-2010 http://www.scribd.com/doc/132802891/Ezra-Pound-Manuscripts Ezra-Pound-Manuscripts http://www.scribd.com/doc/76992967/Eustace-Mullins-1994-10-28-British-Interview-Transcript Eustace-Mullins-The-Secrets-of-the-Federal-Reserve-english-rarereactor SecretBankersManual Bankers_Manifesto The-Ultimate-Unseen-Hand-Behind-the-New-World-Order-666-Pandoras-BOX Banking-and-Currency-and-the-Money-Trust-Congressman-Charles-A-Lindbergh-Sr divorce the baal DC Transcript_Benefiel FEDERAL RESERVE FORMED RothschildsTimeline (1) http://www.scribd.com/doc/190801904/Eustace-Mullins-The-Secrets-of-the-Federal-Reserve-english-rarereactor http://www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=130&contentid=2623 Federal-Reserve-Charter-Expiration-Rumor-Proven-False


For the alternative to The Wanta Plan would be the repatriation of the full $70 trillion worth of financial assets held in US Government corporate accounts abroad, some of which has been stolen by corrupt intelligence operatives and banking sector co-conspirators. Other components of the  funds have been cross-collateralised and otherwise tied up during Leo  Wanta’s illegal incarceration and confinement [see below]. Hence, certain institutions’ continued existence might be jeopardised if the Trustor were to exercise his right to call for 100% disgorgement of the funds and the  closure of the corporations and their accounts, as confirmed by US Judge Gerald Bruce Lee of the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on 15th April 2003, in a Memorandum Opinion. This stated that “Plaintiff’s sole remedy in this matter is to proceed with the liquidation of the corporations and report these transactions to the Internal Revenue Service in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code  and then challenge the assessment of any taxes in a refund proceeding”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul3Iyq1i_30 http://web.archive.org/web/20110430134912/http://www.worldreports.org/news/10_federal_reserve_board_impedes_the_wanta_plan_ http://web.archive.org/web/20110430112318/http://worldreports.org/news http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aatlky_cH.tY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV5mdGS_tkw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf3sfb7QFr8 The Federal Reserve is an arm of the United States government and was established by the Federal Reserve Act (ch. 6, 38 Stat. 251, enacted December 23, 1913, 12 U.S.C. ch.3) which was created on December 23, 1913 – long after both dates you reference. Here is a short history:  <http://www.bos.frb.org/about/pubs/begin.pdf>    The St. Louis Federal Reserve has for a number of years been digitizing many Federal Reserve publications and other material they find of historical relevance. This includes many bills, committee reports, etc. related to the original Act itself as well as any amending changes since 1913.  <http://fraser.stlouisfed.org/>    If you want to see the Act as it appears in the Statutes at Large the Constitution Society has digitized them all. Just click on the blue box for the pdf for Vol. 38, 1913-15 and go to page 251. You can also see a digitized version of the original legislation.  <http://constitution.org/uslaw/sal/sal.htm>  <http://www.llsdc.org/attachments/files/105/FRA-LH-PL63-43.pdf>

My email to the Federal Reserve: 
There is a lot of discussion and rumors about the Federal Reserve’s Charter expiring
soon, the rumor is that the charter granted December of 1913 was only granted for 99
years or so. Is there a date coming up that would require Congress to vote on an
extension of the Charter? If so, what is the exact expiration date of the Charter? And, if
not approved by Congress could the Federal Reserve cease to exist?
The Federal Reserves written response:
Dear Mr. Bisulca:
Thank you for your recent inquiry concerning the expiration of the Federal Reserve’s
Similar to the twenty year charters granted to the First and Second Banks of the United
States in the early 19th Century, the original Federal Reserve Act (See page 4 of
 Section 4, paragraph
4) stated “Second. To have succession for a period of twenty years from its organization
unless sooner dissolved by an Act of Congress, or unless its franchise becomes forfeited
by some violation of law.” This was amended in 1927 to read “Second. To have
succession after the approval of this Act until dissolved by Act of Congress, or until
forfeiture of franchise for violation of law.” 
I hope this information is helpful.
Board Staff

“The Fed recognized that financial conglomerates should act like truly combined entities rather than separate divisions or entities where one group has no idea what the other group is doing,” said Christopher Laursen, an economic consultant who helped draft SR 08-08 while at the Federal Reserve. http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/lawsuit-claims-ny-fed-fired-regulator-who-raised-questions-about-goldman-sachs/2013/10/10/0c26836c-31c2-11e3-8627-c5d7de0a046b_story.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ul3Iyq1i_30 Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin… Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them but leave them the power to create money, and, with a flick of the pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again… Take this great power away from them and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in… But, if you want to be the slaves of the bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit. Sir Josiah Stamp (attributed) (A director of the Bank of England in the 1920s) – See more at: http://www.batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/100911.html#sthash.hmexj3fr.dpuf – See more at: http://www.batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/100911.html#sthash.hmexj3fr.dpuf http://www.batr.org/corporatocracy/121813.html http://www.batr.org/totalitariancollectivism/100911.html _______________________________________________________________________________________________ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-real-history-of-united-states-of.html http://www.thefullwiki.org/United_States_National_Archives http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-real-history-of-united-states-of.html http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20060411/index.htm http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20060411/mou.pdf http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/news/20060411/Shays_hearing_3-14_transcript_excerpt.pdf http://www.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB179/ http://www.nytimes.com/2006/02/21/politics/21reclassify.html?pagewanted=all http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2012/08/howard-johnsons-magnetic-motor.html

Secret Agreement Reveals Covert Program to Hide Reclassification from Public

National Archives Signed Deal with Air Force to Disguise Re-review of Open Files and Mislead Researchers on Reasons for Withdrawing Previously Open Records.

March 2002 Memorandum of Understanding Released Through FOIA Request, After Grilling of National Archivist During Congressional Hearing March 14.

For more information contact: Thomas Blanton/William Burr/Meredith Fuchs 202/994-7000

Related posting
Declassification in Reverse CIA Removes 50 Year Old Documents From Open Stacks at National Archives
In the news
“U.S. Reclassifies Many Documents in Secret Review” By Scott Shane New York Times February 21, 2006
“Classifiying Toothpaste” Editorial Washington Post February 27, 2006
Washington D.C., 11 April 2006 – The National Archives and Records Administration secretly agreed to a covert effort, led by the Air Force, the CIA, and other still-hidden intelligence entities, to remove open-shelf archival records and reclassify them while disguising the results so that researchers would not complain, according to a previously secret Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)The secret agreement, made between the Air Force and the National Archives, was declassified pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request by the National Security Archive and posted on the NARA website yesterday.The heavily excised MOU, signed by assistant archivist Michael Kurtz in March 2002, reveals that the National Archives agreed that the existence of the program was to be kept secret as long as possible: “it is in the interests of both [excised] and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) to avoid the attention and researcher complaints that may arise from removing material that has already been publicly available,” states the MOU. NARA agreed that the withdrawal sheets indicating the removal of documents would conceal any reference to the program and “any reason for the withholding of documents.”NARA also agreed to conceal the identities of the intelligence personnel who were reviewing and removing the documents, according to the agreement, including from NARA’s own staff. “NARA will not disclose the true reason for the presence of [deleted agency] AFDO [deleted] personnel at the Archives, to include disclosure to persons within NARA who do not have a validated need-to-know.” The National Security Archive first learned of the existence of the agreement, classified SECRET/[codeword deleted], earlier this year, when Archive staff accompanied historian Matthew Aid to a meeting at NARA to complain about absurd reclassifications such as 50-year-old documents that had been widely published. On February 1, Archive analyst William Burr filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the document. NARA and Defense Department officials acknowledged the existence of the MOU at the March 14, 2006 hearing of a House Government Reform subcommittee chaired by Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Ct), but refused to discuss the substance of the MOU in public session. (Click here to read excerpts from the March 14 hearing.) During the hearing, Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein suffered persistent questioning about the MOU from Chairman Shays and other members of the Committee, to which Dr. Weinstein could only reply “it’s classified.” “This secret agreement reveals nothing less than a covert operation to white-out the nation’s history, aided and abetted by the National Archives,” said National Security Archive executive director Thomas Blanton. The excised portions of the MOU released yesterday apparently still hide other intelligence entities involved with the Air Force and the CIA in reclassifying public records. The MOU was originally classified at the codeword level, but the codeword itself remains classified, according to the markings on the released MOU. The reclassification activities at NARA began at the end of the Clinton administration. So far, more than 55,000 pages of declassified documents, dating back to the World War II era, have been removed from the open files. During the March 14 hearing, Congressman Shays noted that the reclassification program was not in the national interest. “This absurd effort to put the toothpaste back into the tube persists despite the growing consensus – supported by testimony before this Subcommittee – that from fifty to ninety percent of the material currently withheld should not be classified at all,” Shays stated in his opening statement. According to National Security Archive historian William Burr, concern over references in some declassified records to various aerial reconnaissance systems that Air Force has used over the years, such as the U-2 and the earlier GENETRIX balloon program, may have triggered the reclassification project. Censored sections of the MOU, he noted, could refer to operations of the National Security Agency. If the NSA was involved, then perhaps the re-review referenced in the MOU focused on specialized intelligence activities. In February 2002, a recruitment notice shows that the Raytheon Corporation received a contract from the Air Force to conduct the reclassification review and that the project team would include at least 20 people.

http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-real-history-of-united-states-of.html http://www.thefullwiki.org/United_States_National_Archives

United States National Archives: Wikis

Note: Many of our articles have direct quotes from sources you can cite, within the Wikipedia article! This article doesn’t yet, but we’re working on it! See more info or our list of citable articles. Encyclopedia Updated live from Wikipedia, last check: July 22, 2013 17:33 UTC (49 seconds ago) (Redirected to National Archives and Records Administration article) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

National Archives and Records Administration



National Archives logo

Agency overview


April 1, 1985

Preceding agency

National Archives and Records Service (GSA)


Federal government of the United States


700 Pennsylvania Avenue NW,Washington, D.C.


2,504 (2006)[1]

Agency executives

David Ferriero [2],Archivist Adrienne Thomas, Deputy Archivist



The United States National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is an independent agency of the United States government charged with preserving and documenting government and historical records and with increasing public access to those documents. NARA is officially responsible for maintaining and publishing the legally authentic and authoritative copies of acts of Congress, presidential proclamations andexecutive orders, and federal regulations. The chief administrator of NARA, the Archivist of the United States, not only maintains the official documentation of the passage of amendments to the U.S. Constitution by state legislatures, but has the authority to declare when the constitutional threshold for passage has been reached, and therefore when an act has become an amendment. The agency often works closely with scholars to facilitate their studies.


History Interior of the National Archives Originally, each branch and agency of the U.S. government was responsible for maintaining its own documents, which often resulted in the loss and destruction of recordsCongress established the National Archives Establishment in 1934 to centralize federal record keeping, with the Archivist of the United States as its chief administrator. The National Archives was incorporated into the General Services Administration in 1949, but in 1985 it was made an independent agency as NARA (National Archives and Records Administration). Most of the documents in the care of NARA are in the public domain, as works of the federal government are excluded from copyright protection. However, some documents that have come into the care of NARA from other sources may still be protected by copyright or donor agreements.[3] NARA also stores classified documents and its Information Security Oversight Office monitors and sets policy for the U.S. government’s security classification system. NARA’s holdings are classified into “record groups” reflecting the governmental department or agency from which they originated. The records include paper records, microfilmed records, still pictures, motion pictures, and electronic media. Many of NARA’s most requested records are frequently used for research in genealogy. This includes census records from 1790 to 1930, as well as ships passenger lists andnaturalization records. The National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), the agency’s grant-making arm, awards funds to state and local governments, public and private archives, colleges and universities, and other nonprofit organizations to preserve and publish historical records. Since 1964, the NHPRC has awarded some 4,500 grants. 2006 controversy over reclassification Main article: U.S. reclassification program In March 2006, it was revealed by the Archivist of the United States in a public hearing that a memorandum of understanding between Collins= and various government agencies existed to “reclassify”, i.e., withdraw from public access, certain documents in the name of national security, and to do so in a manner such that researchers would not be likely to discover the process.[4] Facilities and exhibition

National Archives (building)

U.S. National Register of Historic Places

The National Archives building Constitution Avenue façade

Location: Constitution Ave. between 7th and 9th Sts., NW
Nearest city: Washington, D.C.
Coordinates: 38°53′34.01″N77°01′22.71″WCoordinates:38°53′34.01″N77°01′22.71″W
Architect: John Russell Pope
Added to NRHP: May 27, 1971
NRHP Reference#: 71001004

National Archives Building The National Archives Building, known informally as Archives I, located north of the National Mall on Constitution Avenuein Washington, D.C., opened as its original headquarters in 1935. It holds the original copies of the three main formative documents of the United States and its government: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and theBill of Rights. It also hosts a copy of the1297 Magna Carta confirmed by Edward I.[5] These are displayed to the public in the main chamber of the National Archives, which is called the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom. The National Archives Building also exhibits other important American historical documents such as the Louisiana Purchase and theEmancipation Proclamation, as well as collections of photography and other historically and culturally significant American artifacts. Once inside the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom, there are no lines to see the individual documents and visitors are allowed to walk from document to document as they wish. For over 30 years the National Archives have forbidden flash photography but the advent of digital cameras with automatic flashes have made the rules increasingly difficult to enforce. As a result, all filming, photographing, and videotaping by the public in the exhibition areas will be prohibited beginning on February 25, 2010.[6] National Archives at College Park NARA facility near the University of Maryland, College Park. Because of space constraints, NARA opened a second facility, known informally as Archives II, in 1994 near the University of Maryland, College Park campus. Largely because of this proximity, NARA and the University of Maryland engage in cooperative initiatives.[7] The College Park campus includes anarchaeological site listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.[8] Affiliated facilities The National Archives Building in downtown Washington contains record collections such as all existing federal census records, ships passenger lists, military unit records from the American Revolution up to the Philippine-American War, records of the Confederate government, the Freedmen’s Bureau records, and pension and land records. There are also ten Affiliated Archives locations across the U.S. which hold, by formal, written agreement with NARA[9], accessioned records.

Regional facilities There are fourteen facilities across the country with research rooms and archival holdings and microfilms of documents of federal agencies and courts pertinent to each region, and two major facilities in St. Louis, Missouri which comprise the National Personnel Records Center.[10]

Presidential libraries NARA also maintains the Presidential Library system, a nationwide network of libraries for preserving and making available the documents of U.S. presidents since Herbert Hoover. The Presidential Libraries include:

Libraries and museums have been established for other presidents, but they are not part of the NARA presidential library system, and are operated by private foundations, historical societies, or state governments, including the William McKinleyRutherford HayesCalvin CoolidgeAbraham Lincoln and Woodrow Wilson libraries. For example, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is owned and operated by the state of Illinois. The broad range of material which NARA preserves at the Presidential libraries is exemplified by the President’s VH-3A “Sea King”helicopter at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. Public-private partnerships The National Archives aims to make its holdings more widely available and more easily accessible by entering into public-private partnerships. In 2006, NARA announced a joint venture with Google to digitize and offer NARA video online. This pilot program represents an evolutionary step for the National Archives to achieve its goal of becoming an archive without walls, as explained in the NARApress release. This innovative partnership is just one step in a strategic plan that emphasizes the importance of providing access to records anytime, anywhere and is one of the initiatives that NARA is launching to expand opportunities for the public to be able to view NARA’s collections.[11] In early 2007, the National Archives and Footnote launched a pilot project to digitize historic documents. The NARA press release explained that this partnership would allow much greater access to approximately 4.5 million pages of important documents that are currently available only in their original format or on microfilm. No less important, the digitization of documents would also enhance NARA’s efforts to preserve its original records.[12] In late 2007, the National Archives announced it would make thousands of historical films available for purchase through CreateSpace (an Amazon.com subsidiary) which specializes in on-demand distribution of DVDs, CDs and books. The NARA press release emphasized the potential benefits for the public-at-large and for the National Archives. At NARA facilities, the public can continue to view films and even copy them at no charge; and this new program will make NARA’s holdings much more accessible to those who cannot travel to the Washington, DC area. At the same time, the NARA-CreateSpace partnership will provide the National Archives with digital reference and preservation copies of the films as part of NARA’s preservation program.[13] Social Media and Web 2.0 The National Archives currently utilizes social media and Web 2.0 technologies in attempt to better communicate with the public.[14] On June 18, 2009, the National Archives announced the launching of a YouTube channel “to showcase popular archived films, inform the public about upcoming events around the country, and bring National Archives exhibits to the people.”[15] Also in 2009, the National Archives launched a Flickr photostream to share portions of its photographic holdings with the general public.[16] Archivist of the United States Further information: Archivist of the United States The Archivist of the United States is the chief official overseeing the operation of the National Archives and Records Administration. The first Archivist, R.D.W. Connor, began serving in 1934, when the National Archives was established by Congress. The Archivists served as subordinate officials in other government agencies until the National Archives and Records Administration became an independent agency on April 1, 1985. On July 28, 2009, President Obama nominated David Ferriero of New York to be 10th Archivist of the United States.[17] He was confirmed by the United States Senate on November 6, 2009.[2] He was sworn in as Archivist on November 13, 2009.[18] See also


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Excerpts from an Unofficial Draft Transcript of a Hearing of the Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats, and International Relations of the Committee on Government Reform of the U.S. House of Representatives March 14, 2006 “Drowning in a Sea of Faux Secrets: Policies on Handling of Classified and Sensitive Information” MR. WAXMAN. I want to focus my questions on the allegations of researchers who claim that the administration has been secretly removing documents from the National Archives that have already been declassified. Mr. Weinstein and Mr. Leonard, can you help us understand what is going on here? What agency is in charge of this program today? MR. WEINSTEIN. That is a difficult question to answer. Let me explain why, Mr. Waxman. There has been speculation about the National Archives having secret agreements with various, multiple Federal agencies authorizing the re-review of declassified documents. I would like to clarify for the record that to the best of the knowledge of the Archivist, NARA has one classified Memorandum of Agreement pertaining to the issue of re-review, one. The Memorandum of Agreement, MOA, is with a component of the Department of Defense and remains classified. The MOA is procedural in nature and deals with such things as proper archival procedures for handling accessioned records, recording any decision made by the agency, and ensuring that the records are managed according to NARA requirements, and I cannot say anything more about the MOA, which gets to the heart of your question, I am afraid, in an open session because it contains classified information. MR. WAXMAN. So what— MR. SHAYS. Are you sure it is actually sensitive information? MR. WEINSTEIN. I was told classified, Mr. Chairman. MR. WAXMAN. Therefore, I would one assume it is the Department of Defense that is taking the action, since that is the only group have a Memorandum of Understanding? MR. WEINSTEIN. As I recall your question, it went to the heart of who was in charge of this process. MR. WAXMAN. Who are the agencies in charge of the program, the whole process of reclassifying these documents? MR. WEINSTEIN. That is what this audit is determined to find out, and if you can bear with us until the audit is completed, I think we will have an answer that will— MR. WAXMAN. So we don’t know who it is, but can you tell us what authority they are operating under to pull these documents from the shelves? These documents were already declassified. What authority do they have to do this? MR. LEONARD. Just to build upon what Professor Weinstein indicated, in addition to the Department of Defense activity, Mr. Podonsky indicated that the Department of Energy has been conducting re-review of material at the National Archives since the late 1990s, as well as on occasion the Central Intelligence Agency has done it, as well, too. If there is a common thread, it doesn’t—this does not address every— MR. WAXMAN. Let me ask the question . . . and then we will see if you have a direct answer to the question, and if you don’t, why. We don’t know exactly who is doing this and we don’t know—you have not been able to respond to us under what authority they are doing it. MR. LEONARD. I was just about to get to that, Mr. Waxman. MR. WAXMAN. Okay. MR. LEONARD. The authority that they are doing it under is under the framework of the Executive Order. Only agencies that have originated the information have the authority to declassify it. So one of the most common situations that has arisen is where, for example, if any agency declassifies its own records but it contains information that belongs to another agency and they did not afford that other agency the opportunity to review those records prior to the declassification action, pursuant to the order, that is not classification under proper authority, and so— MR. WAXMAN. So this isn’t pursuant to a Memo. of Understanding with the National Archives. It is pursuant to an Executive Order? MR. LEONARD. Yes, sir. MR. WAXMAN. Okay. Now, it is hard to still, even with that explanation, understand how these examples we have of records from 50 years ago would be changed— MR. LEONARD. The simple answer is they don’t. The exemplars that were provided to my office early this year as well as that has received coverage in the press, those exemplars clearly do not adhere to the classification standards of the order and are inappropriate— . . . . MR. WEINSTEIN. Congressman, could I respond just a half-a-second to that? . . . . In response to Mr. Leonard’s advice that he has just given to you, to me, and in response to the situation, I took the actions which I took, which were based obviously on the fact that I could see no sensible use in classifying things that are 50 years old that have already been declassified. MR. WAXMAN. Well, you called a halt to any further removal of documents while you conduct your audit, is that right? MR. WEINSTEIN. Yes, that is correct MR. WAXMAN. What was it that led you to decide to take this measure? Why did you conclude that these agencies should stop what they are doing until you examined their actions? MR. WEINSTEIN. Well, to begin with, congressman, I wasn’t aware of their actions and it was important for me to become aware of those actions. I learned about their actions from the New York Times, the way the American public did. Having been Archivist for a year, that struck me as being a rather impossible and absurd way to learn to know what is happening at your own agency and I acted immediately. MR. WAXMAN. So you acted immediately and you stopped any removal of documents, and I am certainly pleased you are investigating the matter. Researchers are saying that there is an interagency memorandum and the only one that you are aware of is the one that the National Archives has with the Department of Defense? MR. WEINSTEIN. Component of the Department of Defense, yes, sir. MR. WAXMAN. And what does that Memorandum of Understanding say? MR. WEINSTEIN. Well, as I indicated, Congressman, I would be happy to discuss this in a closed session, but unfortunately, for this discussion, it contains classified information which I am not prepared to discuss in open session. MR. WAXMAN. And why is it classified? MR. WEINSTEIN. Pardon? MR. WAXMAN. Why is it classified? MR. WEINSTEIN. Why is it classified? MR. WAXMAN. Yes. MR. WEINSTEIN. I don’t know. MR. WAXMAN. Is there something in the Memorandum of Understanding itself that will harm national security if it gets out? MR. WEINSTEIN. I think I probably have to stand by my previous answer, Congressman. MR. WAXMAN. That you can’t say that in open session. MR. WEINSTEIN. I would be happy to discuss it in a closed session. MR. WAXMAN. Has there been any discussion within the administration about declassifying this MOU, if you know? MR. WEINSTEIN. That I know of? Yes, I would say there has been, MR. WAXMAN. And who wanted the MOU released and who didn’t want it released? MR. WEINSTEIN. Let me say that if it was released, I would have no trouble in conveying it, and that is as far as I would go on that square. MR. WAXMAN. Does the MOU include any mechanisms to check against officials making these absurd classification decisions? MR. WEINSTEIN. That is tough for me to answer, Congressman, as you might appreciate given what I said previously. MR. WAXMAN. Mr. Chairman, given these responses and since so many of the details about this program remain classified, we are left with some significant questions. I would like to make two requests. First Mr. Chairman, would the subcommittee send a request for the classified MOU that governs this program? And secondly, could the subcommittee also request a classified briefing on this program with all the relevant agencies to obtain answers to these pressing questions? MR. SHAYS. That will happen. We will do that. It makes sense. I am almost tempted to just tell my counsel, respond in a way, as well, because I am finding this—I don’t know, Mr. Weinstein, if part of your answers are almost the exact kind of problem that we are trying to make in this hearing. Is the reason why some information isn’t being responded to Mr. Waxman because they would embarrass people or is there a legitimate reason to classify or to suggest that this can’t be said publicly? MR. WAXMAN. He’s caught in a catch-22 because— MR. SHAYS. I know he is, but in a way, it is—I mean, the bottom line is, there is almost an absurdity of going into having a classified hearing about something that is sensitive but unclassified. MR. WAXMAN. But the MOU is presumably classified. MR. WEINSTEIN. Yes, sir. MR. WAXMAN. So we want to get, one, a copy of the MOU— MR. SHAYS. Right. MR. WAXMAN. –and I hope you support that request— MR. SHAYS. Yes. MR. WAXMAN. –and secondly, we ought to get a classified briefing on this program, this whole program, because it is not just based on the MOU, but it seems to be based on some Executive Order and all other agencies are involved. . . . and we ought to see what is so pressing that— MR. SHAYS. I am going to start first to ask that it be declassified, that we can have it in a public setting. If it can’t be declassified, then we will have a classified setting hearing. But you can be assured that we will be finding it—there is going to have to be some real justification as to why it needs to be classified. Are you comfortable with that? . . . . I am asking my staff to do this as counsel or someone with legal expertise because I find some of this almost silly and absurd. I find some of this destructive to our country, and I think what Mr. Waxman wants is very, very important, but I don’t want to start doing the very thing that I am finding others doing. I don’t want to start to suggest that some things need to be behind closed doors when, in fact, maybe they shouldn’t be, and so that is what I am wrestling with. MR. HALLORAN. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. For the record, to the Archivist, will the Archives provide the subcommittee under classified cover a copy of the MOU? MR. WEINSTEIN. It is my understanding that that is entirely appropriate, but I would like to turn to my counsel, if I may, just to be sure that I am not misstating anything here. . . . One of the things about not being a lawyer, counsel, is one has to consult. The classifying authority, I have been told, is with the classifying agency, which would have to authorize the— without further action by the subcommittee, the release of the classified Memorandum of Agreement. MR. HALLORAN. But you can’t us to would whom such a request would be directed? MR. WEINSTEIN. I suppose what we would do would be to convey your request to the classifying agency and try to get an immediate response so that we can accommodate the subcommittee. MR. LEONARD. Again, it is a Department of Defense component, so it makes it very easy. MR. WAXMAN. So the classified agency is a Department of Defense component, is that— MR. WEINSTEIN. That is what I said in my statement. MR. ROGALSKI. Mr. Chairman, the MOU does belong to the Department of Defense in conjunction with NARA. We have received a FOIA request for that MOU. We are looking at that now to see if it can be sanitized. But let me assure you that the rationale for classifying that was done in accordance with what the Executive Order determined by the original classification authority. So we certainly have no objection to providing you a classified briefing on that MOA. We do not have a problem and we are going through the process of seeing can it be sanitized now and being presented to you in an open forum. So that is happening as we speak. But again, I want to assure you that the basis for the classification, again, in my opinion, after reviewing that, was sound and between NARA and us. We can provide that to you. MR. SHAYS. So the bottom line you are stating is that it was your recommendation that it be classified, or excuse me, that you concurred with the recommendation of others that it be classified? MR. ROGALSKI. My office concurred with the classification done by the original classification authority responsible for that document, that is correct. MR. SHAYS. And you think it would be unlikely that if we asked that it be reviewed to be declassified, it would be unlikely it would be declassified? MR. ROGALSKI. We can certainly review that and determine—I don’t want to give you a document with all black lines on it, redacted. MR. SHAYS. No— MR. ROGALSKI. I want to give you something that is beneficial— MR. SHAYS. And we don’t’ want a sanitized version. We want the real thing and we will do it— MR. WAXMAN. Mr. Chairman, let us get both, because it may take them too long to figure out how to— MR. SHAYS. Okay. MR. ROGALSKI. And we have no problem briefing you on the rationale, the MOU and the rationale for the classification decision. MR. SHAYS. I think Mr. Waxman’s suggestion is important. Let us get the sanitized version that can be made public and then we would like to see the real McCoy. It will be a good opportunity for us to decide as a committee whether we think that we will ask all the committee members to see this document so that we—in the subcommittee to get their views, and we will issue a statement on what we think about that document and the justification we heard. MR. LEONARD. If I could just add, it will be withheld, I presume, Mr. Chairman— MR. SHAYS. Well, it may be sensitive but unclassified. MR. LEONARD. And if I could just add something here to further shed some light on the issue, again, the audit that is currently underway, and I don’t want to presuppose any final results, but I can tell you one of the things that we ascertained very early on, the exemplars that were provided to our office and were released to the media and whatever, those exemplars were not pulled pursuant to the MOA. They were done—action taken quite a few years ago. . . . . MR. WAXMAN. Mr. Chairman, there is then the question of who did those and why— MR. LEONARD. They were pulled by the CIA and they were pulled in response to a serious breakdown in quality control back in about the year 2000, where information that clearly was inappropriate for release ended up being release, and in an attempt to clean that up, it went too far the other way, MR. SHAYS. With all due respect, about the year 2000, there is a big difference between the year 2000 and the year 2001. Was it in 2000? MR. LEONARD. I believe it was the year 2000, yes, sir. MR. SHAYS. So it was the previous administration in that case? MR. LEONARD. Yes, sir. MR. WAXMAN. The same CIA Director. MR. WEINSTEIN. Mr. Chairman, if I could just add, what Bill Leonard has just mentioned gets to the heart of the complexity that I was discussing with Congressman Waxman of who did what, when and related to your initial question. We hope to have as many answers to that question as we can put them into the audit and we will look forward to getting you a copy of that audit. MR. LEONARD. And actually, if I could just add, I mean, the whole confusion, the awkwardness and whatever cries out for transparency in this process. That is the one thing that we are committed to providing, not only transparency going back to 1995 for all such activity but continuing transparency for a number of good reasons. Number one, to ensure that any action taken along these lines is absolutely, positively necessary because people know that people will be watching, but even more so, to prevent perceptions being created that, quite frankly, harm the nation, harm the process, and are understandable but yet are unfortunate. . . . . MR. SHAYS. Mr. Van Hollen? MR. VAN HOLLEN. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. As you said, this whole process seems to have sort of an Alice in Wonderland quality to it. Let me just make sure I understand the memo. The memo is between the Archives and an agency of DOD, is that right? MR. LEONARD. Yes. MR. VAN HOLLEN. What was the classification level of that memo? Is it secret? Is it top secret? MR. LEONARD. I believe it is secret. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Secret, okay. Now, as I understand it, there were many documents that were reclassified outside of that particular agreement. MR. LEONARD. That is correct. MR. VAN HOLLEN. In other words, there were other government agencies that came in and reclassified documents, is that right? MR. LEONARD. Yes, sir. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Okay, and those include the CIA and DOE. MR. LEONARD. That is correct. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Were there any others? MR. LEONARD. Not that I have identified yet, but again, that is the whole purpose of the audit, is to fully flesh that out. MR. VAN HOLLEN. All right. Now let me just focus on that category for a moment— MR. LEONARD. Sure. MR. VAN HOLLEN. –because what I am trying to understand—I understand this memorandum apparently regulates how the Archives deals with an agency of DOD, but let us take DOE, for example, since we have a representative from DOE here at the table and we don’t have a CIA representative. MR. LEONARD. Sure. MR. VAN HOLLEN. If DOE wants to go back and—they can reclassify documents under the EO, as I understand it, which they were the original classifier of, is that right? MR. LEONARD. Actually, the situation with DOE is even more unique, since, as Mr. Podonsky explained, their information which pertains to nuclear weapons is actually outside the scope of the EO and is classified pursuant to statute, the Atomic Energy Act. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Okay, so let me just make sure I understand. The EO, though, the EO— so you are saying the Executive Order doesn’t apply to DOE at all? MR. LEONARD. It doesn’t apply to DOE, at least with respect to restricted data and formerly restricted data which deals primarily with nuclear weapons, yes, sir. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Okay. So if DOE has documents that they originate at DOE, they are at the Archives now, right? . . . . Now they want to come in and reclassify documents. First of all, let me figure out how they got declassified to begin with. As I understand it, technically, DOE as the classifying agency, even under this other authority, are they still the ones that have the authority to declassify it and are they only ones that have the declassification authority? MR. LEONARD. They have the authority, and what happens in that case is what happens in other case, as well, too, this kind of information will appear in another agency’s record, for example, the Dept of State, and when they go to declassify it, they don’t—the person who does it does not necessarily recognize that, hey, wait a minute, there is information here that belongs to another agency. I can’t take unilateral action on it. MR. VAN HOLLEN. I understand. So let me make—I understand that. So when DOE is going in to reclassify, the first question I have is, are they going in to reclassify only information that has been—DOE information that has been declassified by the State Department or other agencies, or have they also gone in to reclassify DOE information that they never—that they originally declassified? MR. LEONARD. That is right on, because what has—again, our audit is in process, but one of the key issues that has come very early on is that when agencies are re-reviewing for a specific purpose, if they come across additional information that they believe was inappropriately declassified, that likewise is being put aside. MR. WEINSTEIN. Let me add a little complexity beyond that, Congressman Van Hollen, if I can. It is fair to say that we are learning more with each day of doing this audit, and it is fair to say that in my position as Archivist, I am learning even more because until the news media provided me with that information, that was my first knowledge of this program and all of its complexities and I am not sure I have the complete handle on the story now. As a result of this audit, I hope to have it, and when I have it, obviously, the subcommittee will have it, as well. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Thank you and I appreciate that. I understand. With the audit so far or with your research into this so far, you have discovered instances where the DOE has reclassified information that they themselves declassified? . . . . MR. LEONARD. It is unclear. I am not too sure if I have that depth of understanding. MR. POKONSKY. Let me, since it is a hypothetical, let me just—I recognize it is a hypothetical, but again, as I said in my testimony, the DOE has not gone back into the National Archives and reclassified anything that was declassified. However, what we were asked to do in 1996 by the Congress is to go back in and take a look at all the records from other agencies that may have had RD or FRD, and then the Kyl amendment went in and said also go in and train other agencies to know how to look for RD or FRD, and then the Lott amendment said go in and also take a look at all documents that were already previously taken off the shelf at NARA. So hypothetically, we could be the agency that was doing it, but we are not. MR. LEONARD. Congressman, let me . . . try to be as direct as I can to answer the question. The EO has a very high threshold that if an agency declassifies information and for whatever reason changes their mind, they have a very high threshold to meet. Agencies to date have represented to me that they have never done that. Based upon what I know to date, I don’t think that is necessarily the case. I think they have, in fact, done that for a variety of reasons, may not have understood it to be that, but I do believe that there have been instances where agencies have gone back and reclassified information that they themselves have previously declassified without meeting the threshold that is spelled out in the EO. MR. VAN HOLLEN. Okay. Let me just also briefly . . . try and understand the process by which the CIA or DOE, say they want to come back and take a look at whether other agencies have declassified information that they were the original classifiers of. What do they do, come over to the Archives, they knock on the door and say, where are our files, and they go in? Does the Archives have any ability to make an independent determination about whether what these agencies are doing is appropriate or not? MR. LEONARD. The delineation of responsibilities is when records enter the National Archives and when they are accessioned into the Archive, they are under the control and the custody of the National Archives. They belong to the Archives. So no agency can just simply come in and rifle through records on their own. MR. VAN HOLLEN. That is why you can have a moratorium? MR. LEONARD. The information that is contained in those records, when it is classified information, the classification authority over that information remains with the agency, and so when agencies exercise declassification authority or reclassification authority or say that this was declassified improperly, that is an authority that they have that the Archives does not have. The archives cannot classify information on their own, so the Archives is hard pressed from that

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  1. 1932, A True History of the United States – YouTube

► 101:50► 101:50 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgcdRCWEt4Q‎ Jul 8, 2008 – Uploaded by laroucheyouth 1932, A True History of the United States …. Manly Hall – Mystical Life of the American Indiansby MPHarchive  Billy Maiden +1’d this

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Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security


Subject: THE ULTIMATE DELUSION Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 17:40:27 EDT From: Noslavery@aol.com To the people, I found this paper while going through Stephen Ames’ files.I am hoping that you will put it out on your E-mail and fax networks. This paper explains and documents very much. It is absolutely mind blowing !!!!!! If you place this paper on your E-mail and fax networks I will be more than happy to respond to people’s questions. I have all of the documents cited in this paper and they are available. This paper will shock even those who think that they know what has happened and what is now taking place. The deception is incredible. If the people do not respond to this information we can then truly say that it is over and that we will never be free. This paper is not opinion, but it is fact and is all documented. Now, what people have to realize is there are remedies for the problems that not just America faces, but the World. There are people all over the World that know what is going on and they are doing something about it. People all over America are emerging victorious over the images in their minds. Let us not forget the absolute astonishing amount of debt discharges that have taken place over the last few months. What is happening in America is unbelievable. People are coming out of the delusions, they have figured and realized that the United States is a fiction and that it only exists in our minds. Tens of thousands of people now know that the “United States” does not exist and that it never has. There is no such thing as the National debt or a loan from the bank. Has any one ever seen “current credit money ?”  The entire governmental system only exists in your mind. Nicole Terry – noslavery@aol.com ============================================================================ By: Stephen Kimbol Ames Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as follows: S.I. 1997 NO.1778 The Social Security ( United States of America) Order 1997 Made 22nd of July 1997 coming into force 1st September 1997. At the Court at Buckingham Palace the 22nd day of July 1997. Now, therefore Her Majesty an pursuance of section 179 (1) (a) and (2) of the Social Security Administration Act of 1992 and all other powers enabling Her in that behalf, is please, by and with advise of Her privy Council, to order, and it is hereby ordered as follows: “This Order may be cited as the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997 and shall come into force on 1st September 1997.” Does this give a new meaning to Federal Judge William Wayne Justice stating in court that he takes his orders from England? This order goes on to redefine words in the Social Security Act and makes some changes in United States Law. Remember, King George was the “Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire and c, and of the United States of America.” See: Treaty of Peace (1738) 8 U.S. Statutes at Large. Great Britain which is the agent for the Pope, is in charge of the USA ‘plantation.’ What people do not know is that the so called Founding Fathers and King George were working hand-n-hand to bring the people of America to there knees, to install a Central Government over them and to bind them to a debt that could not be paid. First off you have to understand that the UNITED STATES is a corporation and that it existed before the Revolutionary war. See Respublica v. Sweers 1 Dallas 43. 28 U.S.C. 3002 (15) Now, you also have to realize that King George was not just the King of England, he was also the King of France. Treaty of Peace * U.S. 8 Statutes at Large 80. On January 22, 1783 Congress ratified a contract for the repayment of 21 loans that the UNITED STATES had already received dating from February 28, 1778 to July 5, 1782. Now the UNITED STATES Inc. owes the King money which is due January 1, 1788 from King George via France. Is this not incredible the King funded both sides of the War. But there was more work that needed to be done. Now the Articles of Confederation which was declared in force March 1, 1781 States in Article 12 ” All bills of credit emitted, monies borrowed,and debts contracted by, or under the authority of Congress, before the assembling of the United States, in pursuance of the present confederation, shall be deemed and considered a charge against the United States, for payment and satisfaction whereof the said United States, and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged.” Now after losing the Revolutionary War, even though the War was nothing more than a move to turn the people into debtors for the King, they were not done yet. Now the loans were coming due and so a meeting was convened in Annapolis, Maryland, to discuss the economic instability of the country under the Articles of Confederation. Only five States come to the meeting,  but there is a call for another meeting to take place in Philadelphia the following year with the express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation On February 21, 1787 Congress gave approval of the meeting to take place in Philadelphia on May 14, 1787, to revise the Articles of confederation. Something had to be done about the mounting debt. Little did the people know that the so called founding fathers were acutely going to reorganize the United States because it was Bankrupt. On September 17, 1787 twelve State delegates approve the Constitution. The States have now become Constitutors.  Constitutor: In the civil law, one who, by simple agreement, becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt. Blacks Law Dictionary 6th Ed. The States were now liable for the debt owed to the King, but the people of America were not because they were not a party to the Constitution because it was never put to them for a vote On August 4th, 1790 an Act was passed which was Titled.-An Act making provision for the payment of the Debt of the United States. This can be found at 1 U.S. Statutes at Large pages 138-178. This Act for all intents and purposes abolished the States and Created the Districts. If you don’t believe it look it up. The Act set up Federal Districts, here in Pennsylvania we got two. In this Act each District was assigned a portion of the debt. The next step was for the states to reorganize their governments which most did in 1790. This had to be done because the States needed to legally bind the people to the debt. The original State Constitutions were never submitted to the people for a vote. So the governments wrote new constitutions and submitted them to people for a vote thereby binding the people to the debts owed to Great Britain. The people became citizens of the State where they resided and ipso facto a citizen of the United States. A citizen is a member of a fictional entity and it is synonymous with subject. What you think is a state is in reality a corporation, in other words, a Person. “Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is Person.” 9 F. Supp 272 “Word “person” does not include state. 12 Op Atty Gen 176. There are no states, just corporations. Every body politic on this planet is a corporation. A corporation is an artificial entity, a fiction at law. They only exist in your mind. They are images in your mind, that speak to you. We labor, pledge our property and give our children to a fiction. Now before we go any further let us examine a few things in the Constitution. Article six section one keeps the loans from the King valid it states; All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation. Another interesting tidbit can be found at Article One Section Eight clause Two which states that Congress has the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States. This was needed so the United States (Which went into Bankruptcy on January 1, 1788) could borrow money and then because the States were a party to the Constitution they would also be liable for it. The next underhanded move was the creation of The United States Bank in 1791. This was a private Bank of which there were 25,000 shares issued of which 18,000 were held by those in England. The Bank loaned the United States money in exchange for Securities of the United States Now the creditors of the United States which included the King wanted paid the Interest on the loans that were given to the United States. So Alexander Hamilton came up with the great idea of taxing alcohol. The people resisted so George Washington sent out the militia to collect the tax which they did. This has become known as the Whiskey rebellion. It is the Militia’s duty to collect taxes. How did the United States collect taxes off of the people if the people are not a party to the Constitution? I’ll tell you how. The people are slaves!  The United States belongs to the floundering fathers and their posterity and Great Britain. America is nothing more than a Plantation. It always has been. How many times have you seen someone in court attempt to use the Constitution and then the Judge tells him he can’t. It is because you are not a party to it. We are SLAVES!!!!!!!  If you don’t believe read Padelford, Fay & Co. vs. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah. 14 Georgia 438, 520 which states ” But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by  suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he is not a party to it.” Now back to the Militia. Just read Article One Section Eight clause (15) which states that it is the militia’s job to execute the laws of the Union.  Now read Clause (16) Which states that Congress has the power to provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining the Militia, and for governing such part of them as may be employed in the service of the United States…. the Militia is not there to protect you and me, it is their to collect our substance. As you can plainly see all the Constitution did is set up a Military Government to guard the King’s commerce and make us slaves. If one goes to 8 U.S. statutes at large 116-132 you will find “The Treaty of Amity, Commerce and Navigation. This Treaty was signed on November 19th, 1794 which was twelve years after the War. Article 2 of the Treaty states that the King’s Troops were still occupying the United States. Being the nice King that he was , he decided that the troops would return to England by June 1st, 1796. The troops were still on American soil because, quite frankly the King wanted them here. Here is the key to were this started: Many people tend to blame the Jews  for our problems. Jewish Law governs the entire world, as found in Jewish Law by MENACHEM ELON, DEPUTY PRESIDENT SUPREME COURT OF ISRAEL, to wit: “Everything in the Babylonian Talmud is binding on all Israel. Every town and country must follow all customs, give effect to the decrees, and carry out the enactment’s of the Talmudic sages, because the entire Jewish people accepted everything contained in Talmud. The sages who adopted the enactment’s and decrees, instituted the practices, rendered the decisions, and derived the laws, constituted all or most of the Sages of Israel. It is they who received the tradition of the fundamentals of the entire Torah in unbroken succession going back to Moses, our teacher.” We are living under what the Bible calls Mammon. As written in the subject Index, Mammon is defined as (“Civil law and procedure”). Now turn to the “The Shetars Effect on English Law” — A Law of the Jews Becomes the Law of the Land, found in “The George Town Law Journal, Vol 71: pages 1179-1200.” It is clearly stated in the Law Review that the Jews are the property of the Norman and Anglo-Saxon Kings. It also explains that the Talmud is the law of the land. It explains how the Babylonian Talmud became the law of the land, which is now known as the Uniform Commercial Code. The written credit agreement — the Jewish shetar is a lien on all property (realty) and today it’s called the mortgage! The treatise also explains that the Jews are owned by Great Britain and the Jews are in charge of the Baking system. We are living under the Babylonian Talmud, it is were all of our problems come from. It was brought into England in 1066 and has been enforced by the Pope, Kings and the Christian churches ever since. It is total and relentless mind control, people are taught to believe in things that do not exist. Now before you scream that the UCC is unconstitutional I’m sorry people, you are not a party to any constitution. Read the case cite below. “But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it.” Padelford, Fay & Co., vs. Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah 14 Ga. 438, 520 You have to understand that Great Britain,(Article six Section one) the United States and the States are the parties to the Constitution not you. Let me try to explain. If I buy an automobile from a man and that automobile has a warranty and the engine blows up the first day I have it. Then I tell the man just forget about it. Then you come along and tell the man to pay me and he says no. So you take him to court for not holding up the contract. The court then says case dismissed. Why ? Because you are not a party to the contract. You cannot sue a government official for not adhering to a contract (Constitution) that you are not a party too. You better accept the fact that you are a Slave. When you try to use the Constitution you are committing a CRIME known as CRIMINAL TRESPASS. Why ? Because you are attempting to infringe on a private contract that you are not a party to. Then to make matters worse you are a debt slave who owns no property or has any rights. You are a mere user of your Masters property! Here are just a couple of examples: “The primary control and custody of infant is with the government” Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62 ” Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties-the husband, the wife and the state.”  Van Koten v. Van Koten. 154 N.E. 146. “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State: individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e. law amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State. Senate Document No. 43 73rd Congress 1st Session. (Brown v. Welch supra) You own no Property because you are a slave. Really you are worse off than a slave because you are also a debtor. “The right of traffic or the transmission of property, as an absolute inalienable right, is one  which has never existed since governments were instituted, and never can exist under government.”  Wynehamer v. The People. 13 N.Y. Rep.378, 481 Great Britain to this day collects taxes from the American people. The IRS is not an Agency of the United States Government. All taxpayers have an Individual Master File which is in code. By using IRS Publication 6209, which is over 400 pages, there is a blocking series which shows the taxpayer the type of tax that is being paid. Most taxpayers fall under a 300-399 blocking series, which 6209 states is reserved, but by going to BMF 300-399 which is the Business Master File in 6209 prior to 1991, this was U.S.-U.K. Tax Claims, meaning taxpayers are considered a business and involved in commerce and are held liable for taxes via a treaty between the U.S. and the U.K., payable to the U.K. The form that is supposed to be used for this is form 8288, FIRPTA-Foreign Investment Real Property Tax Account. The 8288 form is in the Law Enforcement Manual of the IRS, chapter 3. The OMB’s-paper-Office of Management and Budget, in the Department of Treasury, List of Active Information collections, Approved Under Paperwork Reduction Act is where form 8288 is found under OMB number 1545-0902, which says U.S. with holding tax return for dispositions by foreign persons, of U.S. Form #8288, #8288a. These codes have since been changed to read as follows: IMF 300-309, Barred Assessment, CP 55 generated valid for MFT-30, which is the code for the 1040 form. IMF 310-399 reads the same as IMF 300-309, BMF 390-399 reads U.S.-U.K. Tax Treaty Claims. Isn’t it INCREDIBLE that a 1040 form is a payment of a tax to the U.K. Everybody is always looking to 26 U.S.C. for the law that makes one liable for the so called Income Tax but, it is not in there because it is not a Tax, it is debt collection through a private contract called the Constitution of the United States Article Six, Section One. and various agreements. Is a cow paying an income tax when the machine gets connected to it’s udders ? The answer is no. I have never known a cow that owns property or has been compensated for its labor. You own nothing that your labor has ever produced. You don’t even own your labor or yourself. Your labor is measured in current credit money. You are allowed to retain a small portion of your labor so that you can have food, clothing shelter and most of all breed more slaves. Did you ever notice how many of the other slaves get upset if you try to retain your labor. You are called an extremist, terrorist and sometimes even a freeman. They say that you are anti-government. When the truth of the matter is you just don;t want to be a slave. But, you do not have the right to force others to be free if they want to be a slave that is entirely up to them. If they want  bow down and worship corporations, let them. The United States, Great Britain and the Pope are not the problem, it is the other slaves. We would be free if the want-to-be-slaves were gone. The United States, Great Britain and the Pope would not even exist, because no one would acknowledge them. I for a matter of fact, think that those who are in power are also tired of the slaves. All the slaves do is stand around and MOO!!! For free healthcare, free education, free housing and they beg those who are in power to disarm them I do agree that a slave should not have access to a firearm.  How can you disagree with the government passing out birth control ? I hope the breeding of slaves stops or at the very least slows down. You see we are  cows, the IRS is company who milks the cows and the United States Inc. is the veterinarian who takes care of the herd and Great Britain is the Owner of the farm in fee simple. The farm is held in allodium by the Pope. Now to Rome. “Convinced that the principles of religion contribute most powerfully to keep nations in the state of passive obedience which they owe to their princes, the high contracting parties declare it to be their intention to sustain in their respective states, those measures which the clergy may adopt with the aim of ameliorating their interests, so intimately connected with the preservation of the authority of the princes; and the contracting powers join in offering their thanks to the Pope for what he has already done for them, and solicit his constant cooperation in their views of submitting the nations.” Article (3) Treaty of Varona (1822) If the Sovereign Pontiff should nevertheless, insist on his law being observed he must be obeyed. Bened. XIV., De Syn. Dioec, lib, ix., c. vii., n. 4. Prati, 1844. Pontifical laws moreover become obligatory without being accepted or confirmed by secular rulers. Syllabus, prop. 28, 29, 44. Hence the jus nationale,(Federal Law) or the exceptional ecclesiastical laws prevalent in the United States, may be abolished at any time by the Sovereign Pontiff. Elements of Ecclesiastical Law. Vol. I 53-54. So could this be shown that the Pope rules the world? The Pope is the ultimate owner of everything in the World. See Treaty of 1213, Papal Bull of 1455 and 1492. I could go on and on, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t let this information scare you because without it you cannot be free,  You have to understand that all slavery and freedom originates in the mind. When your mind allows you to accept and understand that the United States, Great Britain and the Vatican are corporations which are nothing but fictional entities which have been placed into your mind, you will understand that your slavery was because you believed a lie. For more information:   Nicole Terry 630K, Willow Street Highspire, Pennsylvania 17034 717-986-0239 noslavery@aol.com =========================================================== W.J. Perry Mexican Government’s Official Plan for a Takeover of Americ Thu Dec 19 18:34:54 2002 The Mexican Government’s Official Plan for a Takeover of America By W.J. Perry FrontPageMagazine.com | December 12, 2002 There are approximately 18 million Mexican immigrants living in the United States today. Out of that 18 million, it is estimated that 3 million, or nearly 20 percent, are illegal aliens. Those 18 million Mexicans present a growing threat to America’s self-determination because many play a dual citizenship role officially encouraged by the Mexican government. This is no secret; it’s all in Mexico’s official “National Plan of Development 2001-2006.” This shocking document is a five-year plan full of political rhetoric emphasizing planned improvements for every aspect of Mexico’s infrastructure, but it also lays out specific strategies for expanding the nation’s political reach far beyond the US-Mexico border. In other words, Mexico is systematically trying to cultivate dual loyalties, i.e. disloyalty, among its ethnic compatriots in America. This is a naked expansion of Mexico’s national interest at the expense of ours; the mystery is why we are tolerating it. “Globalization” is the buzzword that appears numerous times throughout Mexico’s plan. To achieve that goal, the Mexican government is counting on its citizens living abroad to strengthen Mexico’s influence throughout North America. The Mexican government is demanding that we give all Mexican illegals a free pass, and also support them with numerous social services paid for by American taxpayers. Some of these – like free medical care — we do not even provide to our own citizens. Mexico’s plan specifically outlines its intent concerning Mexican citizens who have entered the United States illegally in a subsection titled “Defense Of Mexicans Abroad.” The plan states: “It is important to note that even if Mexico has achieved a number of agreements and mechanisms to ensure better treatment of our countrymen abroad, the issue of migration, especially in the United States, needs a new focus over the long term to permit the movement and residence of Mexican nationals to be safe, comfortable, legal and orderly, and the attitude of police persecution of this phenomenon must be abandoned and it must be perceived as a labor and social phenomenon.” In other words, nothing is illegal and we are not a nation of laws any more, only markets. In a television interview in 2000, Mexico’s President Vincente Fox made his country’s intentions clear concerning the balance of power in the Western Hemisphere: “I’m talking about a community of North America, an integrated agreement of Canada, the United States, and Mexico in the long term, 20, 30, 40 years from now. And this means that some of the steps we can take are, for instance, to agree that in five years we will make this convergence on economic variables. That may mean in 10 years we can open up that border when we have reduced the gap in salaries and income.” In other words, his stated long-term goal is the abolition of the border between the US and Mexico. This is a polite way of saying an end to America’s distinct nationhood, i.e. to our nationhood, period. We are to be dragged down to the level of the corrupt, impoverished, backward, crony-capitalist disaster – a nation whose citizens evaluate quite honestly by fleeing at the rate of millions per decade – on our southern border. On the surface, Mexico’s globalist vision for economic unity seems innocent, but it’s likely to create a very dangerous situation for America. Unlike our nation of mixed nationalities with various loyalties, Mexicans are extremely nationalistic, and they usually side with their homeland first on all issues. Considering that Hispanics are now the largest minority group in America at 12.6 percent, and Mexicans make up half of that population, the Mexican government is well on its way to wielding significant influence over U.S. policy by relying on the loyalties of their 18 million dual citizens. Another disturbing section of Mexico’s National Plan concerns the government’s effort to set up illegal immigrants with special identification cards, allowing them to open bank accounts and acquire driver’s licenses anywhere in the United States. Basically, any Mexican illegal alien can walk into the nearest Mexican consulate with $29 and walk out with a “consulate card”. These cards are officially recognized in Mexico allowing illegal immigrants to operate on both sides of the border. Although the cards have been available for many years, they have not been officially recognized in America as proper identification until recently. In 2001, the reliably-ultraliberal San Francisco combined city and county government unanimously passed a resolution to accept the consulate card as official personal identification. Since that first resolution, law enforcement agencies and municipalities throughout California and other parts of the United States, have also gone on to make exceptions for illegal Mexicans by accepting the cards. This is the first step toward making Mexican border jumpers legal by giving them blanket amnesty, something Vincente Fox has openly called for during immigration talks with the United States. With a sagging economy and many unrealized campaign promises, Mexico’s leader is fighting for his political life inside what is essentially a third world country. Now, with his old friend and “Border Buddy” President Bush firmly in tow, Vincente Fox is pushing for the eventual abolishment of the US-Mexico border. Such easing of border restrictions would serve as a release valve for the most desperate unemployed Mexicans, thus relieving Mexico’s financial obligation to support its’ poorest citizens. Moreover, free movement across the border would allow Mexican workers to earn their money in the U.S. and spend it back in Mexico. Just as their national plan dictates, the Fox administration is also encouraging Mexican immigrants to officially participate in Mexican politics from within the United States. In 2001, Mexico passed a law allowing dual citizenship for any Mexican national living abroad, legal or otherwise. In addition, Fox visited California several times this year to campaign for stronger absentee ballot turnouts on behalf of all the Mexican nationals living in the United States. Their dual citizenship law is a major weapon in Mexico’s battle for a piece of the American political pie, but it’s only part of an infiltration campaign that started many years ago. During the past fifty years, Mexico’s dual loyalists have entered every facet of American society, including many public offices now held by the sons and daughters of Mexicans who originally entered the United States illegally, just to be redeemed by past amnesty programs. For decades they have slowly but relentlessly been taking control of local and state governments throughout the American Southwest. Although these Mexican-Americans were born and raised in the United States, many of them openly put their loyalty to Mexico before their loyalty to America. What other ethnic group in America would we tolerate this from? (When some German-Americans flirted with Hitler in their Bund organization in the 30’s, this so shamed their reputation as an ethnic group that they are now – despite being the largest ethnic group in America – also one of the most silent in terms of explicit ethnic self-expression.) Today, the Mexican loyalists have become a dominating force in American society, influencing the culture, the language and most importantly, the political process. Thanks to Mexican-American lobbying efforts, California state representatives now officially recognize illegal aliens as “undocumented workers” treating them with a laundry list of special aid programs including free college tuition. Repeat: there are native Americans who can’t afford to go to college, and we are spending taxpayer money to send criminal migrants. In Texas, the state legislature recently conducted an entire legislative session in Spanish, and the story barely made the “B. Block” of local newscasts. Furthermore, the 2000 presidential campaign proved just how important the Hispanic vote is to politicians on the national front. From day one of the campaign, then Texas Governor, George W. Bush, dragged his half Hispanic nephew, George P. Bush to every media event that might garner a sizable Hispanic audience. The plan worked so well that today George W. Bush is described in many Latin American circles as “America’s first Hispanic president” a strange title for a guy who once referred to Mexico’s national language as “Mexican” instead of Spanish. Indeed, Bush’s relationship with Mexico and Vincente Fox goes back long before his bid for the presidency. The two were Governors at the same time, and they met regularly over the years concerning various issues including border security, energy production, and trade policy. Then during Bush’s first year as president, he and Fox met four times to discuss US – Mexican relations. In the fall of 2001, Bush publicly mentioned the possibility of a new amnesty program for Mexican illegals, but things cooled dramatically after the 911 attacks. Today however, Bush and Fox are back on the fast track to negotiating Mexico’s plans for economic and political expansion. After the latest meeting of the US-Mexico Binational Commission (BNC) on November 26, the U.S. State Department confirmed that cabinet members from both sides signed a number of important agreements. One agreement that stands out is the “Bilateral Income Tax Treaty” that amends an existing bilateral income tax treaty between the two nations, thus allowing significant reductions in taxes on dividends, which officials say “will further facilitate cross-border trade and investment.” If fully ratified by both nations, this treaty will allow major corporations to invest in either country without being taxed at home on profits earned from across the border, thus merging our economies one step beyond NAFTA. There is no doubt the Latinization of America is well underway, and Mexico is slyly laying the groundwork that could eventually destroy the security of our southern border. Furthermore, it’s no big secret that many Mexicans dream of reclaiming the land lost to America as a result of the Mexican-American War. Ever since that agreement took effect in 1845, numerous Mexican government officials have openly called for “Reconquista,” a political plan to recover the land they believe was unjustly stolen by the American government. Although Mexico has never officially encouraged the Reconquista movement, they have also never discouraged Mexican citizens (on and off American soil) from proclaiming its inevitability. Frankly, the official plan of Mexico is closer to a plan of colonization than it is to a plan of development. Just as their national plan clearly dictates, the Mexican government is preparing for an attack on America — an attack perpetrated through ideology and assimilation rather than with bullets and blood. The self-hating political correctness of mainstream Americans, combined with their history-blind confidence that the United States is a nation invulnerable to territorial loss, continues to aid and abet this aggression.

======================================================= “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil – is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke =======================================================

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